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February 12, 2013
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Lana sketch by BnGJessie Lana sketch by BnGJessie
Is it me or does she have this innocent look masking a sinister look in her eyes that seem to say, "If only you knew what I plan to do to you." :devilish:

This is a sexy sketch :iconscarlett-the-red: drew up as a bit of inspiration for a pic that might be in the works featuring this "Evil" Genius, a certain bondage-prone skunkette, and a tiger henchman is would just be happy to watch. ;)

There has been a lot of scheming lately involving this eccentric mousie. I don't want to reveal anything yet as it's all still in the works, but I'm very encouraged by the enthusiasm of the parties involved that it's likely to happen.

Anyway, until then, keep admiring this fiendishly sexy "labrat" (she IS technically part rat, probably why she would make a good villain ;D) while she thinks of all the things she plans to do to you once she's lured you into a false sense of security like a fly into a spider's web (she's also part spider XD).
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hollandtayloegedney Dec 15, 2013  Professional General Artist
I like this character :). ---  also, Thanks for the fav on my Jessica Rabbit!
I'm pretty fond of her myself. ^_^
You're very welcome, hun. ;)
Can't wait to see it. Oh yes, happy days past Valentine's day.
WhiteRavenLord Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like her, mix of genius with deviousness.
WhiteRavenLord Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
She could be my favorite character you have created yet.
Thank you. :)
I'm pretty proud of her myself. ^_^
WhiteRavenLord Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
As well you should be.
The facial structure there makes her look more rat than mouse (Mice tend to get drawn with a very short muzzle, while rats get a longer one, for exactly that "sinister" quality you mentioned).

That said, her attire is sexy. I don't know about dominant (All those cuffs make you think she's about ready to get bound up herself), but definitely sexy.

- Polecat
Well, like Jessie that's part of her style now. It's a mixture of letting others now what she's into (though she mostly wears them during her "experiments") and it's meant to also lull others into thinking she's submissive. I took a que from :iconsozokureed:'s character Mistress Blackberry Pai [link] who also wears cuffs and a collar as part of her attire like jewelry.

But who knows. Maybe if the conditions are right she might be willing to switch roles. Rarely would this happen though, especially when it comes to Tasha or Jessie. ;)
Speaking of, would like to hear what we've got for the pic or would you like it to be a surprise when it eventually comes up?

I noticed that too. It seemed like fun to give her some Rattus-rattus heritage for that reason as well as play on the "labrat" angle. ;P
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